Why changing the air vent filters are important?

Why changing the air vent filters are important?

Keeping the HVAC system of your office or any commercial place clean is very important for the health regarding issues. Replacing air filters frequently is less expensive as compared to the cost of repairing of struggling air duct system.

Filters that get dirty allow dust and grime to build up which put your equipment in a bad condition. Your HVAC system is powered by a fan motor and if the filter is clogged then the extra strain can make the motor overheat or even can break.

When to change your air vent filters:

It would be great if you change your air filters every month or two, mainly if you have pets in your working place. The frequency at which you change your air filter depends on various factors, including the type of filter in your commercial area’s HVAC system.

Fiberglass filters

These filters are lower-cost options, but remember that they need to be disposed of and replaced roughly every 30 days.

Pleated air filters

This type of filter is usually made of high-quality materials and even can last from three to six months depending on the material, the frequency of use, and the manufacturer.

For more information, you should take the help of Commercial air duct cleaning services professionals who can guide you while changing filters or for using suitable filters according to your HVAC system. Taking help from professionals contribute to the longevity of your air filter. This is also important to maintain the optimal air quality in your working place.

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