Vent Cleaning Vancouver

Too much grease and grime in the exhaust vents and hoods can restrict airflow in your kitchen space. Wash out the vent hoods every few months or sooner if you use a deep fryer on a daily basis. Remember to clean the filters, as well, using the instructions found in your unit’s service manual. If you notice damage to the filters, such as rips and tears, replace them immediately. 

We even provide proof of this through our digital documentation of every clean! Having your exhaust system cleaned regularly is not only for the safety of your customers, employees, and your building, it is also a compliance issue. We lay plastic sheets across your entire Vent cleaning Vancouver to protect your equipment and appliances. When we`re finished, we`ll leave your kitchen spotless having hauled away all debris, garbage, and kitchen grease.

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Ishtar Vent Cleaning   is a leading and top rated hood cleaning company in whole lower-mainland  B.C. We work hard to ensure you have a safe kitchen and restaurant that meets safety standards. A clean kitchen decreases the risk of fires from excess grease or debris. Our team has a superior reputation for customer service and reliable service to all Canadian residents and businesses. If you have recently been looking for a commercial kitchen hood cleaning service, you can count on us. Hiring our company has many benefits, such as experienced staff that can handle any level of cleaning project or grease buildup.

You’ll recognize the difference in clean when you work with a professional service such as ours.

Vent Cleaning Vancouver

Our vent cleaning team has worked with residents of the Canadian community for many years on a variety of exhaust cleaning projects. Our work portfolio includes regular hood and exhaust system cleaning to prevent fire hazards. Our staff brings a level of quality and expertise that is only enhanced by their dedication, integrity, and work ethic. We work hard to provide exceptional results for each of your cleaning projects or grease containment strategies.

We maintain a high level of customer satisfaction as a result of our reliability and determination to provide superior customer service. Safe and clean kitchens for each of our clients, which meet fire standards and safety regulations is important to our mission. Give us a call today to arrange service.