How to do proper cleaning of a kitchen exhaust fan?

How to do proper cleaning of a kitchen exhaust fan?

Kitchen exhaust fans are one of the most important things in your commercial kitchen. The main benefits of these big industrial or commercial kitchen fans are cleaning the air and reducing greasy buildup.

You need regular professional help to do a proper cleaning. There are some ways of Kitchen exhaust cleaning:

  • The removal of grease containment traps

In most of the commercial kitchen exhaust fans, the grease collecting receptacles exist on the side of the hood because of the no cleaning. To remove these grease traps, you can use warm water and soap and for tough grease, soak the grease traps for a few minutes before you do start cleaning.

  • Under the hood

You should also clean the exhaust fan cover or hood; you can use a solution such as the combination of approved grease-cutting cleaner and hot water. Remember that all surfaces and corners of your kitchen exhaust should be addressed to avoid the grease collections that can cause fire hazards.

  • Cleaning the fan blades

It is necessary to clean the fan blades as all the dirty air that is removed from the cooking areas passes over exhaust fan blades. You should avoid the spray of cleaning solution directly into any electrical components. Use a solution-dipped cloth to scrub instead of directly spraying cleaner.

Your commercial kitchen exhaust fans work hard to remove the wastes, so you should do proper maintenance of the exhaust fan. Contact Kitchen exhaust cleaning Vancouver professionals to make your kitchen cleaner, safer, and more comfortable for cooking.

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