Duct Cleaning Vancouver

When it comes to grease duct cleaning, most Standards/Codes/Regulations state that hood and canopy cleaning is to be checked for excessive grease accumulation monthly (at a minimum). The duct cleaning Vancouver and fan should be checked roughly every six to 12 months, depending on your insurance policy requirements. It’s messy, disruptive and some kitchen exhaust systems are dirty again just one month after a clean when using traditional filters. Any excess build-up will put a store at risk for fire and can quickly build up in between cleans.

Duct Cleaning Vancouver

Many find kitchen exhaust grease duct cleaning to be costly. It is also important to check the work is done or cleaned properly. The responsibility can still be on the restaurant. Certificates issued by cleaning contractors with clauses or fine print can make the certificate worthless in the event of a fire and insurance companies may void the claim. 

Ishtar Vent Cleaning   is a leading and top rated hood cleaning company in whole lower-mainland  B.C. We work hard to ensure you have a safe kitchen and restaurant that meets safety standards. A clean kitchen decreases the risk of fires from excess grease or debris. Our team has a superior reputation for customer service and reliable service to all Canadian residents and businesses. If you have recently been looking for a commercial kitchen hood cleaning service, you can count on us. Hiring our company has many benefits, such as experienced staff that can handle any level of cleaning project or grease buildup.

You’ll recognize the difference in clean when you work with a professional service such as ours.

Duct cleaning Vancouver


  • Less risk
  • Save Of energy Consumption
  • Improvement of air quality in the kitchen for your staff
  • Less chance for unwanted odors
  • Improvement of the hygiene in the kitchen