Kitchen Cleaning Services


Kitchen Cleaning

Our cleaning service typically includes degreasing of the hood, filters, and all accessible ductwork and fans. We can also bring your system up to current codes by supplying and installing access panels on your duct, fan hinges, or solve your roof top grease problems by installing an exhaust fan interceptor. Additionally, we are able to professionally clean cooking equipment, or your entire kitchen if required, including walls, floors, and ceilings.

We provide certified commercial kitchen cleaning to ensure safety compliance and help you avoid any penalty during a health inspection. If you have been thinking about replacing your kitchen equipment because they look old and dirty, think again. Using industrial strength cleaning products, we can remove grease from the grouts, hood, drains and other surfaces that may have caught cooking fumes. As a result, even your 5-year-old equipment look brand new instantly.

Commercial kitchen equipment cleaning

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